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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats new on 18digits?

ZUG, Switzerland, Jan. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The booming market in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing the interest in comprehensive information in these areas. 18digits.com is a new kind of social network specifically aimed at people interested in Bitcoin and crypto.

What are the features of the 18digits portal?

Among the special features of the 18digits portal is the "Public Wall", where members can reach the entire community with just one click. The "My Interest" tag option is an excellent feature, making it easy to find members with similar interests.

Who owns 18 digits?

18digits.com, is a brand of jofh beratung gmbh (jofh.ch), launched in 2020 by the two capital market and blockchain veterans Bertram Seitz and Roderick Warren, based in Crypto Valley Zug, Switzerland. 18digits.com is a portal by members, for members, owned by the members. SOURCE 18digits.com

What is 18d token 18d?

Users’ contribution to the 18Digits ecosystem is rewarded with 18D token, with each action bringing the predetermined amount of tokens to users. Tokens earned through social activity and withdrawn to the 18D wallet make users eligible for continuous coin and token airdrops.

What is 18digits?

18digits.com is the world's first equity rewarding social network. Join 18digits and get all information, opportunities, products and services in one place. Earn equity through your activities and own your share in 18digits. Heads up: This site lets people post their referral & affiliate links!

Is there a way to split the account number into 18 digit numbers?

Yes, standard SAP settings is 18 digit and if you refer to SAP Note:1585003 it provides the solution by splitting the account number using another available fields in the master data, beside of the field account number to various countries.

How do i use digital id?

Use Digital iD™ to prove you’re over 18^, and for everyday tasks like collecting items from the Post Office. Use Digital iD™ online for redirecting mail, applying for a police check or opening a bank account with participating organisations, and more. Anyone living, studying or working in Australia can use it as proof of identity.

Why digital id by australia post?

Imagine using your phone to securely prove who you are when you need to. No need to carry your wallet with you to get into a participating bar. You, your phone and the tap of a button. That’s Digital iD™ by Australia Post. Use Digital iD™ to prove you’re over 18^, and for everyday tasks like collecting items from the Post Office.

How do i log in and log out of go digi?

When logged in, you can see your profile picture, 'Hello __Name__. you are logged in, along with "My account" and "Logout" in the top left hand corner of the Go Digi platformat all times. To log out of the Go Digi platform, simply click logout.

How to enter more than 18 digits in my bank account?

If you require more than 18 to enter your bank account, there are 2 workarounds: 1.Inout firts 18 digits in field "Bank accoun" and input the remaining digits in field "reference details"

Why engage with 18digits?

Through your engagement, 18Digits will be helping newcomers and traditional investors bridge the gap towards crypto investments and make decisions based on facts. We are also delighted to inform our members that 18Digits will retain the social media component.

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